Welcome to the 1940’s

I just heard that the welfare and the foster system will be requiring hefty donations from all the good tax-paying citizens of America over the next decade.

I hope everyone celebrating today enjoys putting their money where their morals are tomorrow. I don’t want to hear a peep. You did this. It’s your victory. Enjoy it. Every single aspect of it.

By the way…how’s that formula shortage coming?
How are those school shootings going?
Sex trafficking and abductions are no longer a concern for our children, right?
How affordable have those diapers gotten?
How thriving is that foster system?
How inexpensive and timely has the adoption process become?
How’s the family court doing with all those child support arrears?
How goes that maternal and paternal leave in this country?
What about insurance? Surely that is more affordable for a working mother of three?
How great is our childcare system now for working mothers?
Groceries to feed a family, those are cheap now, right?
How easy is it for a young and childless woman to get her tubes tied?
How cheap is it for a woman to buy birth control?
Do half of you even know what it costs to bring- much less raise a child to adulthood (if they make it) in this day and age?

How friendly are you to the mother who murders her toddler because she can’t handle it?
How friendly are you to the mother who commits suicide because she can’t mentally handle bringing a rapist’s or abusive husband’s child into this world?
Or committed suicide rather than bringing a child with severe defects into this world only to suffer?
The mother who was told her child wouldn’t live but minutes or days after birth-or even to see its 3rd birthday.
The mother whose child is found lost on the street without shoes in the dead of winter because she is an addict?
The mother who birthed a child with severe defects or was born addicted to substances?
Your daughter, perhaps, who now has to hopefully survive her ectopic pregnancy. Or deliver your stillborn grandchild. Let me guess. You’ll tell your broken daughter how it was God’s will, and these things just happen, right?
The child who goes to bed hungry every night.
The child who is molested, or worse pimped out?
The child who is hit by their drunk and abusive father?
The child who watches its mother get beat every night and threatened that they are next?
The child who goes to wake up their dead parent who has overdosed?
The child that raises the others at 6 because there’s no one there or sober?
How friendly are you to the mom of four swiping her EBT card?
How friendly are you to the broken kids with broken/non-existent homes that plague our jails?

Especially when you first ask, “WheRe weRe thE pArenTs?! If only they were raised right, this wouldn’t have happened!!!” But you still don’t understand that just because you FORCE someone to bring a child into this world, it doesn’t mean they will be a parent. It doesn’t protect a child. It only puts MORE children into harm’s way to parents who didn’t want them to begin with. Just because a child is born but doesn’t live to adulthood or has any chance at adulthood doesn’t mean you won anything. Those children’s tears, abuse, and trauma will stain your hands. YOU brought them into this world.

A thirteen year old can now legally adopt a child, right? No. Not even a single young adult can do that. Nor can felons, pedophiles, rapists, persons with untreated psychotic disorders, those who are mentally disabled, those who have had their children taken from them, those living in poverty, addicts, prostitutes, the unemployed. They don’t qualify as stable or safe parents by the system. They are deemed unfit to be parents. But you know what, they are now forced to birth children and accountable for children’s lives now. And you sit back with your self-righteous, rose colored glasses on truly believing you “saved” a child and made the world a better place.

Just how loudly DO you shout “dOnT tReaD oN mE” while you stick your nose in someone else’s business and make decisions for them?

It isn’t and never was about babies. If it were, you would care about WAY more than abortion and push to change things that actually made a TRUE positive difference. As much as you would love to believe it, your tax dollars didn’t pay for abortions, but they will pay for the next generation of unwanted and unloved children.

Maybe, if you can’t wrap your head around why a mother would ever choose to terminate her pregnancy- you should be thankful that you are lucky enough to have a life in which that decision doesn’t make sense.


Someone who is personally pro-LIFE (Not to be confused with pro-birth) and politically pro-choice. Because at the end of the day, it ISN’T my choice or my business to try and decide what is best for someone other than myself. PERIOD.

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